Review – Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05 – AMD Ryzen 7 4800H – ENGLISH Version

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Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05

Two months ago, Lenovo announced the new Legion 7i, Legion 7Si, Legion 5Pi, Legion 5i, Legion 5 and IdeaPad Gaming 3i models, and we present the top of the range Lenovo Legion 7i , in a review that got lots of attention from international readers. Now, as much as I like to think that we are doing a great job here, I know that one of the reasons for that was the fact that nobody reviewed this notebook before and people have a real interest in Lenovo’s Legion series.

Well, I know for a fact that most a you are interested in Legion 5, and even better, Legion 5 with AMD Renoir, so this time I am writing this review in English too, so Legion fans can get more details regarding this awesome machine. Unfortunately, the crisis caused by Covid 19 has left deep traces, especially in the tech segment, where many factories have been blocked for several months. For this reason, many products appeared late on the market, or at least much later than we would have liked. This is also the case with some of the latest generation notebooks, including Lenovo models, announced more than two months ago.

Fortunately, things are starting to return to normal, and today Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05, the new gaming mainstream in the Legion series, based on the latest AMD Renoir processors, has appeared in stores. So I thought it would be a great ideea to see how the AMD Renoir H series processors behave on a Lenovo platform, but also what news the Legion 5 series brings compared to the Legion Y540.

After all, we also participated in discussions about the development of these products since the alpha stage and we provided feedback in the two Legion Council meetings, so we were curious if our feedback managed to be implemented in retail products.


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  1. Andrew J a scris pe:

    Thanks for another great review, thinking about getting this laptop for development first/gaming second. Please can you give your thoughts on this…
    1) Can the memory be expanded up to 32GB of memory with 2x16GB sticks
    2) Can you switch to the IGP and if so what is the affect on temp/battery life?
    3) Can you work with it on your lap if not playing an GPU intensive game (not too hot )?
    4) What is the keyboard like for touch typing?
    Thanks again.

  2. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Andrew,

    I am glad you like it.

    1 – as far as I know yes, to do have access to the memory and you can use 2 x 16GB sticks

    2 – Not so sure about that

    3 – When you are not doing heavy duty stuff you can use it in your lap, but that is not recommended in general with laptops that have the intake on the bottom side

    4 – I found the keyboard to be very pleasant in daily use, ferm but precise

  3. Danik a scris pe:

    Hey man, got a question.

    Does the screen has GSync?

  4. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Not as far as I know of

  5. Hey Monstru, keep on the great job.
    Would you recommend the Tuf A15 or Legion 5 for build quality and thermals?
    99 degrees sounds really toasty. I plan to use the laptop for work in civil engineering so good cpu usage and a decent graphics is advised.

  6. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    TUF A15 is in the same line with IdeaPad Gaming 3. Legion 5 is in the superior segment, with the ROG models.

  7. Tuann a scris pe:

    Hi, thank you for the great review. I’m considering to buy a new laptop and this Legion 5 is among the top options. I have a couple of questions:
    1. Is the 2nd NVME slot accessible? (i.e. the bigger battery is not blocking it?) because in Lenovo website’s customization page, when I choose 1st drive to be NVME, 78Wh battery is automatically selected and the 2nd drive option is greyed out.
    2. What is the panel used in the display? And its sRGB coverage?

  8. Blue ocean a scris pe:

    very good review , will you make a review for the new Lenovo legion 5 paired with rtx 2060 , especially the thermals in gaming , thanks in advance

  9. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Tuann – for a full size second NVMe yes, you need a different battery. The panel on the sample we tested is BOE NV156FHM-NY4, with 100% sRGB. But there are 2 or 3 panel options available for Legion 5 if I am not mistaking.

    Blue ocean – since we already reviewed Legion 5 I would say the chances are pretty slim.

  10. Wolf a scris pe:

    Hello can you please share ICC Calibration File for Display BOE08DF?
    Thank you

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