Review – Lenovo Legion 7i 15IMH – Intel Core i9 10980HK si Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q

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Lenovo Legion 7i

Ehehei, dragii mei, cine ar fi crezut vreodata ca o sa ajungem sa traim vremuri in care procesoarele AMD spulbera concurenta pe laptop-uri? Concurenta in segmentul desktop am mai vazut si in urma cu 10-20 de ani, dar taramul notebook-urilor a fost intotdeuna dominat fara drept de apel de echipa albastra si nimic nu parea ca va schimba acest lucru prea curand. Ei bine, au facut-o AMD, cu o lansare de zile mari, in care am vazut ca nu exista segment de piata pe care acestia sa nu il domine.

De la procesoare cu consum scazut de 15W si pana la varfurile de gama cu TDP de 45W, procesoarele din seria Renoir sunt pur si simplu la alt nivel. Iar explicatia este destul de simpla. Desigur, cei de la AMD au facut avansuri tehnologice demne de luat in seama, cu o arhitectura eficienta, transpusa pe siliciu cu ajutorul unui proces de fabricatie pe 7nm. La polul opus, datorita unor decizii de management cel putin discutabile, cei de la Intel inca sunt blocati pe aceeasi arhitectura lansata in urma cu 5 ani de zile, dar si mai grav, pe un proces de fabricatie invechit, de 14nm.

Si oricate plus-uri i-am adauga acestuia in coada si oricat de mult au rafinat cei de la Intel arhitectura Skylake, o tehnologie in esenta veche de 5 ani nu poate tine pasul cu o arhitectura noua si un proces de fabricatie mult mai eficient. Si trebuie sa recunosc, cei de la Intel au demonstrat inca odata cat de bine isi cunosc meseria, optimizand la maxim atat arhitectura Skylake, cat si procesul de fabricatie pe 14nm.

Totusi, aceasta combinatie incepe sa isi arate varsta si cel mai probabil la anul vom vedea si o arhitectura noua si un nou proces de fabricatie. Pana atunci insa, cei de la Intel nu puteau lasa lucrurile asa. Si daca in segmentul 15W procesoarele din cea de-a 10-a generatie Core au fost lansate inca de anul trecut, anul acesta a venit momentul sa vedem procesoarele Intel Core full power din cea de-a 10-a generatie, adica familia Comet Lake H.

Mai mult decat atat, cei de la Nvidia au ales sa lanseze trei modele noi pentru notebook-uri, mai precis RTX 2080 SUPER, RTX 2070 SUPER si GTX 1650Ti, in aceeasi zi. Si ca lucrurile sa fie si mai interesante, noi le-am testat pe o platforma in a carei dezvoltare am fost implicati direct si noi, chiar daca intr-o mica masura.

Ma refer, desigur, la seria de notebook-uri Lenovo Legion 7, pe care le-am vazut in stadiu alfa in urma cu doi ani de zile, la primul Lenovo Legion Council, organizat in Beijing. Nu, nu glumeam cand va spuneam ca am vazut cum arata generatia de produse Legion 2020 inca de atunci, iar acum le puteti vedea si voi.



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  1. Ikatu a scris pe:

    Why there is not a high end 7i with the Ryzen 7 4900?

  2. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    That is a very good question, we would love to see a Legion 7 with AMD. It can’t be 7i, since i comes from Intel, but Ryzen on Legion chassis should be epic!

  3. Ikatu a scris pe:

    Amazing review thanks for that and thanks Google translate for exist. Haha

  4. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Thx man! And yeah, Google Translate makes the world so much smaller :)

  5. faraz a scris pe:

    thank you for this, and thanks google translate haha!! awesome review, i just ordered the y740 a month ago but now i’m going to return it when it comes in and order a 7i for sure!

  6. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hey, Y740 is a nice platform too :D

  7. Sean Clarke a scris pe:

    Wow! Thank you so much for posting this! Looks like the only credible info out there on these machines!

    I can not wait for this to drop. Will definitely be an early adopter. I currently own a Y530 (8750h,1060), and just trying out a Y740 (9750H,2080M-q) within the 30 day return window. I can appreciate them returning the num pad and shifting the keys over to the left as its similar to the Y530 design and allows for much more relaxed hand placement on the WASD while gaming :) vs angling your hand to the right to reach on the Y740 without trackpad palm rest. Thank god they dropped those extra keys on the left side as well. We all hate going to press escape and accidentally opening Lenovo Vantage software! hahahaha.

    That keyboard looks so familiar to my old Lenovo V-570 from 2011 haha! I hope the buttons in the trackpad aren’t garbage because I really appreciated the physical buttons of left/right click. I tried out a 2019 ASUS Zephyrus GX502GW (2070 max-p) and the trackpad had the buttons built in. moving/clicking was a nightmare if you’re used to actual buttons like lenovo has been giving us. Also the fans ran at 1million rpm and downed out the bad sounding speakers.

    I’m so stoked to see how the underside wrap around light strip looks in a dark room as well:)

    Did you notice a subwoofer included underneath the hood? I didn’t see one like they had on the Y740. I’m really really enjoying the sound quality on the Y740, and how much the sounds puts you into the game. Surround definitely works really well with the dolby audio software, and the noises of the SOTR jungle :)

    Did they include an HDR 400 implementation to the screen officially? I have been trying to use it on my Y740, and it usually is best left turned off in game+windows lol. The colors become super over saturated and looks terrible. I’m sure I can fix it with tweaking, but ultra details+RTX looks amazing enough for my liking. I’m very pleased they are keeping the much brighter+color accurate screen as the top end option! Gotta say the Y740 screen is absolutely amazing stepping up from the Y530 250 nit 60hz screen hahaha.

    Does anyone else feel like Lenovo gets a lot of hate from the gaming community for not being as “cool” or “gamer focused” as other companies? I can’t get enough the dual purpose gaming/business aspect. It makes it such an easy choice for me. The offset hinge styling is preferred for my taste, and it offers nice cooling perks as well.

    Just finished the whole review. I’m definitely going to return my Y740 and wait patiently until this becomes available.

    How do I get invited to these super secret Legion conferences? haha sounds so cool! I live close by North Carolina as well lol. Thank you so much for giving us this much much needed info! NOW! When will we know the release date? ;)

    – Sean Clarke

  8. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Sean,

    thank you for your heartfelt comment, we do appreciate when our work is useful and it helps people!

    I am also happy you have the same ideas about us regarding the keypad, we had a lots of talks regarding this issue during the two editions of the Legion Council. Which, btw, is in general dedicated to gathering feedback from a handful of enthusiasts and professionals from different areas of the business (professional gamers, streamers and technical hardware freaks like me). So it’s pretty tight as a group (under 20 people in general).

    Regarding Y740 vs Legion 7i, the only issue is when will you find Legion 7i in retail and in what configurations. Lenovo says Legion 7i will be available in May, starting at 1599 USD. I would suggest going for a more balanced CPU, like 10850H and 2070 SUPER Max-Q or 2060, to enjoy a cooler, quieter experience.

    As far as the screen options are concerned, you have 3 on Legion 7i, which are

    15.6″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS (240 Hz / <1 ms Response Time / 100% Adobe sRGB / 500 nits / VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified / Dolby Vision™ Enabled / NVIDIA® G-Sync)

    15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS(144 Hz / <3 ms Response Time / 100% Adobe sRGB / 500 nits / VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified / Dolby Vision™ Enabled / NVIDIA® G-Sync)

    15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS (144 Hz / <3 ms Response Time / 100% Adobe sRGB / 300 nits)

    So you can choose between 144Hz and 240 Hz, both VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified.

    Thank you for stopping by,


  9. Ankit Yadav a scris pe:

    Hi Monstru,

    I have a question regarding the cooling system.

    Can you share a photo of the cooling system after removing the black covers on it? and can you check if the fans have an anti dust channel??

  10. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Ankit,

    I did not do a full tear-down, but from what I know there are 3 heatpipes on each vapor chamber, and the fans have dust channels. They actually put a lot of work into this, using a 2mm vapor chamber and liquid crystal polymer fans with larger diameter and a larger number of fins.

  11. Wilson a scris pe:

    Hey Monster,

    Really appreciate what you’ve done on shedding light on the lenovo legion 7i.

    I have a quick question. Do you know the exact pricing of the 7i?

    Does the 7i with the RTX 2070 Super MQ cost $1599 or is that the lowest price for the 7i with Gtx 1660Ti?

    And is there any news on the price of legion 7i with RTX 2080?


  12. Wilson a scris pe:

    Hey Monster,

    Really appreciate what you’ve done on shedding light on the lenovo legion 7i.

    I have a quick question. Do you know the exact pricing of the 7i?

    Does the 7i with the RTX 2070 Super MQ cost $1599 or is that the lowest price for the 7i with Gtx 1660Ti?

    And is there any news on the price of legion 7i with RTX 2080?

  13. Wilson a scris pe:

    Hey Monster,

    Really appreciate what you’ve done on shedding light on the lenovo legion 7i.

    I have a quick question. Do you know the exact pricing of the 7i? Does the 7i with the RTX 2070 Super MQ cost $1599 or is that the lowest price for the 7i with Gtx 1660Ti? And is there any news on the price of legion 7i with RTX 2080?

  14. Wilson a scris pe:

    Hey Monster,

    I have a quick question. Do you know the exact pricing of the 7i? How much is the 7i with the RTX 2070 and rtx 2080 configurations?

  15. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hey Wilson,

    we manually approve all comments, so don’t worry if your comment does not show up right away.

    Unfortunately I do not know the exact prices for various Legion 7i configurations, but I can tell you that “starting at 1599$” means that is the minimum possible configuration on the Legion 7i chassis, so that means Core i5 10300H, GTX 1660 Ti, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, and 144Hz display.

    The configuration I tested will be in the high-part of the chart – the CPU alone costs around 600 USD, and the GPU is most likely more than that. So we are looking at 2000-3000 USD.

    Personally, I would recommend a balanced config, like Core i7 10750H, RTX 2070 SUPER, 1TB SSD, 16 or 32GB RAM and 240Hz diplay.

  16. Jersey a scris pe:

    Hi Monstru,

    is it possible to disable an integrated graphics card (Intel) in BIOS?

    Thank you for your reply.


  17. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Jersey,

    unfortunately I did not check for that and I do not have the laptop anymore. But, as far as I have seen in most cases of new laptops, there is always an option to prioritize dedicated graphics in BIOS.

  18. Phil a scris pe:

    Hey thanks for the review. I’m concerned with the cpu temps, those are very high despite the new cooling solutions. Did you have any hands on with the legion 5 series or idea of their temps?
    Also the keyboard deck did it stay cooler than previous models this is key for me. If you could shed some light on this?

  19. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Phil,

    the keyboard deck is pretty cool, yes. Regarding the CPU temps, I would say that is the fault of Intel’s 14+++++++++ manufacturing process, which was simply never design for such clocks. Use a lower model than 10980HK and you won’t have any trouble.

    Also, please keep in mind that was the absolute maximum temperature reached after hours of heavy testing, not the average working temperature.

    I do have Legion 5 here, both Intel and AMD, but it will take a while until that review will be published.

  20. PHIL a scris pe:

    Wow thanks for the prompt reply!
    Im pleased to hear the keyboard deck is remaining cool (or cooler), as this for me is a key feature as with doing work also on the machine i need to have the ability to type without that constant heat.
    Yeah im torn over the 5 series AMD or Intel, some reports starting only 1650ti in the AMD model is this correct?
    Do you have any time line on the 5i/5 reviews? Or could you even advise on their temps under load?

    I have added your site to my daily read, despite not being in my native language. The reviews are clear/concise and full featured. Thanks for that!

  21. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Phil,

    according to Lenovo’s official announcement, Legion 5 will come with 4800H or 4600H, as a CPU choice, and only one GPU choice – RTX 2060. GTX 1650Ti might be added in the future, who knows. Also, the top display option will be 15.6″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS (144 Hz / <3 ms Response Time / 100% sRGB / 300 nits / VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified / Dolby Vision™ Enabled.

    So I think it is worth waiting for it, if you want to go for AMD, they are pretty cool laptops.

    Regarding temps, you can expect values in the high 80s / low 90s, but keep in mind AMD throttles at 105 oC, while Intel throttles at 100 oC.

    Now, as far as our reviews are concerned, we have both Legion 5 and Legion 5i in the lab, but it will take maybe 1 month for the review to be up - not by our choice :)

  22. Bogdan a scris pe:


    Am avut un Lenovo Legion Y520 cu un 1050Ti si un i5 pe el si am fost multumit per total.

    L-am vandut de curand si tot citeam despre Legion Y740 si noul Legion 7i cand am dat peste review-ul vostru. Foarte bun, va multumesc.

    Legat de Legion BoostStation aveti detalii? O sa ii faceti review? Sunt curios daca merge folosit acel Booststation pe orice laptop care are un thunderbolt v2.


  23. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Salut Bogdan,

    probabil ca vom avea si BoostStation pe viitor si ii vom face review. In mod normal, orice laptop cu Thunderbolt 3 si Power Delivery 3.0 ar trebui sa il suporte, indiferent de brand. Am testat pana acum cele doua Gaming Box-uri de la AORUS, daca esti curios de cum se comporta o astfel de cutie.

  24. Arta a scris pe:

    Hi Monster, I appreciate the review.
    It’s quite odd, this is still the only review of the machine that I’ve been able to find, despite the fact that the Legion 7 has been released for 5 days in the U.S.! Honestly, I’m getting impatient over the lack of information. The new XPS had a bunch of reviews up as soon as it was released!

    In any case, I wanted to ask if you know what the GPU wattage, especially for the 2080 max-q is on this machine?

    Also, I know that you recommended the 10750H over the higher end cpu because of the lower temps. I was gonna ask if you think that’s still a good trade off for a video editor who also does VR work? Would there be a substantial difference in the CPU power in those regards? And would it be possible to keep the machine cooler with thermal repasting, undervaluing and using a cooling pad?

    Thank you!

  25. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Arta,

    as far as I know, Lenovo doesn’t use samples with press seeding. The agency buys the retail unit and ships it to the press. So for normal press reviews you usually have to have the laptop in stock first.

    Regarding the GPU wattage I would have to check, but I think 90W.

    Now, as far as the cpu is concerned, if you are doing video editing and vr work, I think 10875H is the best option. Same number of cores as 10980HK, a bit lower clocks.

  26. Arta a scris pe:

    I see! So does that mean we’ll have to wait for more than another month (which is how long it takes for Lenovo to ship retail machines right now) to see reviews?

    And for the CPU, I was actually considering the 10875H myself, but unfortunately they only have the 10750H on their website, and the 10980HK is available on another retailer website.

    One other question: do you have any info about the Optane memory h10 option that was mentioned on the press release? I haven’t seen any models containing optane so far

  27. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    I don’t know, probably reviews will be out soon.

    Regarding Optane, yes, they should have this option too.

  28. Paul a scris pe:

    Great review (and earlier than anyone else)! One thing I didn’t see mentioned was the upgrade ability of the SSDs. Do lower-end configurations (i.e., 512GB) have an open SSD slot? I have a 1TB SSD I’d like to add to a lower-end configuration, but it’s not clear if they add two SSDs (2 x 256) in every configuration, or just a single SSDs in some models?

  29. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    That is a good point actually, I do not know if all SKU’s are delivered with 2 SSD’s, or only some of them

  30. Juha a scris pe:

    I read that the new Lenovo 5 & 7 series would allow the user to undervolt the CPU straight from Lenovo software. Was that possible in the review unit?

  31. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hmm…I don’t think I saw that option

  32. Joseph a scris pe:

    Can I add two 32gb RAM sticks into the Ligion 7i, please ?
    Is it easy to replace the RAM in the laptop ?
    Thank you

  33. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hi Joseph,

    the RAM sticks are places behind a radiator, but they are not hard to change. Also, at the moment the standard max capacity is 2 x 32GB, so yes, you can use those.

  34. Guy Dviri a scris pe:

    bad quality speakers,I think that’s it , the lenovo old good time with JBL are over.

  35. Guy Dviri a scris pe:

    so long review with no section of the sound quality ..O

  36. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    You think? I simply do not care about this aspect, since most gamers will use it with a headset.

  37. alex13 a scris pe:

    You commented today that 2x32gb is the max. Everywhere I read 2x16gb was the max. Did you have 64gb installed and working?

  38. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    No, I did not. And Lenovo shows indeed just 2x16GB configurations. But 10th Gen Intel Core platform supports 2 x 32GB, and there are laptops out there with 10980HK and 2 x 32GB DDR4, so it is Lenovo’s choice not to offer it, but that does not mean you cannot install it yourself – there is no physical or logical limitation in the platform in this sense.

  39. james[ a scris pe:

    Do you know if the 1090HK model supports 3200MHz? Or do we have to buy 2933MHz?
    I read the model overclocks the ram to 3200MHz so maybe it doesn’t support actual 3200MHz and overclocks 2933MHZ to achieve it.

  40. james[ a scris pe:

    I ask because 2933 64gb kits are pretty hard to find especially for a good price. 2666 and 3200 are a lot more common.

  41. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Hey James…what do you mean by “support” and “overclock”? The Intel spec for 10980Hk is DDR4-2933. Everything above that can be considered overclocking. But rest assured, brands don’t actually use DDR4 2933 rated DDR4 an overclock it to 3200, the simply use DDR4 3200 RAM directly.

  42. james[ a scris pe:

    See the link below. It says it is done via overclock

    Intel HM470 Chipset
    i9-10980HK or i7-10875H model: 32GB max offering / 3200MHz DDR4
    Other model: 32GB max offering / 2933MHz DDR4
    All: dual-channel capable, two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets
    * System overclocks to support DDR4-3200 for i7-10875H or i9-10980HK

  43. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Yes, as I was saying above, anything over manufacturers spec (Intel in this case) can be considered overclock. In fact, 2933 can in itself considered overclock over JEDEC DDR4 2133 standard. But this is purely semantics.

  44. james[ a scris pe:

    So if we install 3200 memory will it work? Or do we have to stick to the spec and install 2933?

  45. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    If you install it on 10875H or 10980Hk it will definitely work. It could also work on lower sku’s

  46. james[ a scris pe:

    Cool thanks man. Sorry for all the questions.

  47. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    No worries man

  48. Arta a scris pe:

    I was wondering If the laptop supports windows hello? Not a big deal, just curious.
    Also, what was your impression of the speakers? Are they better the predecessors? And are they generally on par with the average high end laptops or…?

  49. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    I do not give to much attention to speakers but from what I have seen they are on par with other high-end notebooks. No idea on Windows Hello though.

  50. alex a scris pe:

    Do you know what the wattage is on the 2070/2080 super max-q

  51. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Asfar as I know, there can be 4 different variant of wattage for 2070 super and 2080 super, I didn’t check which ones these were though.

  52. Iulian a scris pe:

    I simply don’t understand how you managed to have 7 hours of battery life.
    I’ve tried almost anything already ( disabling the dGPU, power saver in windows, reducing the luminosity to 30%, using throttlestop to disable turbo boost, installed Intel XTU and undervolt it) and in this condition on my Legion 7i 10875H Nvidia 2060 i can get maximum of 3 hours(180 min) of really light web browsing.
    What is the catch ? Do you have any advice ?

  53. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

    Only 3 hours for web browsing seems abysmal if you ask me, however it also depends on what browser you are using, hardware acceleration and what are you doing with said browser. YouTube for instance can eat the battery quite fast.

    However, keep in mind that our Productivity test is not a browsing test, but a combination of light browsing, office work and other light weight tasks that do not use the CPU or the GPU much, so it is normal to see a difference.

  54. Alex a scris pe:

    Core i5 10300H are 4 nuclee si 8 fire de executie. In review apare 4/4 dar sunt 4/8.
    Doar o observatie.

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